Source Code & Computer Programs

Copyrigt of Source Code & Computer Programs

Source Code

Source code, like other forms of original creative expression, belongs to the copyright owner and can
be protected by copyright registration. Taking the html code from another website is an infringement
of copyright.

Computer Programs

For a computer program, copyright registration extends to all copyrightable expression including
source code, text, graphics and screen displays. If the work is infringed, a court will compare the allegedly infringing work the original to determine whether there is a substantial similarity between
the protectable elements.

A simple way of proving that your original work has been copied is to insert some useless code or
other identifiers into your source code and register the copyright. If copied, the evidence will be obvious.

Code Written by Employees

When computer code is written by regular employed programmers, the work is presumed to be
owned by their employers. Without an agreement to the contrary, employers own all rights to any
work created within an employee’s scope of employment.


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