Linking & Framing

Website Linking & Framing


Deep Linking

Deep linking refers to a link pointing inside a website, bypassing the site’s home page. This does not violate copyright law because no copying is involved. So far, no court has found that deep linking is a copyright infringement because most of these disputes have settled.


Framing refers to dividing web pages into separate “frames”, with some content in one frame and
other content in another. Some sites frame another site’s content within its own navigation giving the impression that the framed content appears on that website.

Although no actual copying occurs, framing may give the false impression of sponsorship or affiliation or might be considered copyright infringement as a derivative work.

Where a frame surrounds another site’s content with its own ads, or cuts off the ads on the framed page, there is a basis for potential legal liability. Framing should therefore probably be avoided.
When in doubt, it’s best to ask permission before framing or deep linking to another website.


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