Application Process

Application Process

An application for federal trademark registration requires the following:

      • Describe your trademark or service mark.
      • Indicate when it was first used, or that you have not yet used it, but intend to.
      • Describe the products or services on which the mark will be used. Use clear, concise terms, i.e., common commercial names and language that the general public easily understands.

In addition, your application must be accompanied by:

        • A “drawing” of your mark – for word marks, simply type the word; for design marks (logos) you can upload a photo or logo.
        • A specimen of how you are using the mark in commerce, if you are already using it.

The filing date

Upon filing a trademark application, the application is assigned a filing date. Your filing date is the
date the transmission reaches the USPTO. The USPTO relies on a filing date to assess priority among applications.

This is important because it generally gives your application priority over applications with a later
filing date.  So, if an application filed after yours is likely to cause confusion with yours, the later-filed application will be blocked.

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