Registration by a Band

Copyright Registration for a Band

It is common for a band to create music and recordings together as a group and then proceed to
obtain legal protection for that original work by registering the copyrights.

When songs have been written by a band, each member is usually considered co-owner of the copyright unless the individual members have a written agreement to the contrary. Each contributor
to the work must be identified as an “author” on the copyright application.

When registering the copyright for musical compositions or recordings created by a band, it is important to identify each contributor and name all the individuals who contributed authorship.

On the copyright application, while you may indicate the name of a band or performing group, do not name the band as the author or copyright claimant unless the band has formed a corporation, LLC or legal partnership.

Naming only a band as author does not clearly identify who the authors are – and keep in mind – sometimes bands break up!



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