Copyright a Collection of Songs

You can register many songs together on a single application as a “collection” if you created all
of those songs or at least one person contributed to each of the individual songs.


For example, you can register a CD of several songs on a single application and pay only once. For registration purposes, the recording on the CD will be considered a single work even it contains
several individual songs.

On the music copyright application, you must give the entire collection a single title. It is not necessary to list the individual song titles, although you may.

Published works may only be registered as a collection if they were published together as a collection.


You can register a collection of songs on one application if:

  • The collection is given a single title.
  • All of the individual elements were created by the same person(s), or at least one person has contributed to each element.
  • The copyright claimant (owner) is the same for all songs.
  • The collection is submitted in an orderly manner (on a single CD or upload together).



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