Forget the “.com”

Forget the “.com”

When you are deciding on a domain name for your website or registering a federal trademark for
your domain name, keep in mind that the designations like “http://” or “www” have no significance in trademark law.

Similarly, the Top Level Domain (TLD) like “.com,” “.net,” “.org,” “.info,” “ca”, “.biz,” etc, will not be part of the registered trademark. These designations are common to all domain names and do not provide
any legal protection.

For example, if your website uses the domain name “”, you would register a trademark only for “My Domain Name,” without the other URL designations.


One Exception

There is one situation when the complete domain name (“”) with the “.com”
can be registered.

When a business provides goods or services online that are different from what they offer offline,
then the full domain name may function as a trademark because the domain name identifies and distinguishes its offerings.

For example, if “Amazon” sold other products offline and sold books only online, the domain “” would then identify and distinguish the source of its book selling activities.


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