Copyright Deposit Material

Submitting Deposit Material

When filing for copyright registration you must send the required copy or copies of the work to be registered. This submission is referred to as the “deposit.”

You can securely upload a copy of your deposit material or if you prefer, you can mail a hard copy.


What to Send

Generally, a complete copy of the material being registered is required. All deposits should include
the title of the work.

    • If the work is unpublished, send one complete copy.
    • If published, send two copies.

Specific deposit requirements:

    • Books or other written work – there is no specific requirement for the printing, binding, format,
      or paper size and quality of the material you deposit. Typewritten, photocopied, and legibly
      handwritten works are all acceptable.
    • Art or 3-dimensional designs such as jewelery, toys, games, sculptures, etc, – you are not
      required to send the actual item. You should send only “identifying material” such as photographs, illustrations, or any drawings that clearly identifies the work being registered.
    • Recordings, – a complete copy of the recording must be submitted as MP3, WMA or WAV format or you may send one complete CD (two CDs if published).
    • Musical compositions or song lyrics – you can submit either in recorded or written form (hand written or printed) – as a lead sheet, lyrics or sheet music.
    • Websites, – the U.S. Copyright Office requires that you submit a complete copy of the website
      along with your application. As part of our website copyright service, you may provide the web address
      and we’ll download the website and submit it for you – so there’s nothing to send.
    • Film or audio-visual works, you must submit one complete copy of the work, and also a written description, press release or synopsis of the content.
    • Photographs – you can submit JPEG files or send a CD containing the photos, proof sheets, or photocopies of the images. If you use film instead of digital cameras, you can make 35mm slide copies of up to 30 images on a single slide.
    • Software or computer programs, – you do not need to send your entire program. Submit only the first and last 25 pages of source code, or if less than 50 total pages, the entire source code. Screen displays may also be sent if you are including a copyright claim in the graphic artwork.
    • The material submitted will remain on file with the U.S. Copyright Office.
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