Why Trademark Your Band’s Name

Why Trademark Your Band’s Name

The name of your band just might be the most valuable asset you own.

Imagine after having initial success, you have to give up the name and start all over under a new
name because you don’t have legal rights to use the band‘s name.

Unfortunately, the loss of a band’s name can sometimes happen if a band fails to take the necessary precautions of trademark registration.

When making the transition from local band to a national act, many musicians don’t think about the crucial step of protecting their trademark.

Not establishing ownership of your band name can be extremely expensive and difficult to deal with. For example, what would it do to sales of CDs and merchandise? What about concert promotion? Imagine being forced to change your band name because another band established legal rights to
that name or logo that you believed was yours (and maybe get sued for trademark infringement!).


Did You Know?

Did you know the band Nirvana had to pay nearly $100,000 following the release of their Nevermind
CD because another band had rights to that name.

Similarly, the band Maroon5 was forced to add the “5” because the name Maroon was initially registered to a New York jazz group. The band OneRepublic was originally known as Republic but had to change names to avoid legal troubles. Luckily, they did so before their international success.

So, what if your band name is something you came up with late one night in the basement? You don’t want anyone else to be able to use it, and you wouldn’t want to be investing time and money if the name was owned and being used by another band.

Trademark registration of your band name is the way to retain your rights to a great name.


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