Trademark Your Band’s Name 

Trademark Your Band’s Name 

Trademarks can legally protect the name of a band, the band’s merchandise, record label, or publishing company.

Trademark law ensures that a trademark accurately identifies the source of the band’s music, performances and merchandise so that fans can make meaningful choices, without confusion,
among competing bands, products and services.

Trademarks protect the public’s interest in being able to accurately understand the source of goods
or services in the marketplace and protects a bands’ goodwill in their name, reputation, image and expectation of repeat fans.

Federal trademark registration provides nationwide legal protection for your band’s name, logo,
slogan, record label name or domain name.

Once registered, the trademark owner has exclusive use of the trademark nationwide in connection with the goods or services indicated.


Trademark the Band Name or Logo?

For most bands, trademark registration of a band name only without any particular logo or design is preferable. Once registered, this provides the broadest protection, i.e. exclusive use of the name in
any format, design, font or style.


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